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Campus Party is the greatest technological experience of the world which brings together young geeks & aspiring entrepreneurs in a festival of innovation, creativity, science, digital entertainment & entrepreneurship.

After watching a documentary about demo parties that had just been starting to take place in Northern Europe, four friends wanted to create a similar place in Spain where others geeks with the same passion and interest for new technologies could come together. Not long after, Campus Party was founded by Paco, Belinda, Pablo and Yolanda in 1997. Now, 17 years later and after more than 50 editions and with more than 360.000 registered Campusero’s worldwide, Campus Party now has annual editions in Mexico, Recife, Costa Rica, Sao Paulo, Ecuador, Argentina, Spain, El Salvador and Colombia and special European editions have been organized in London, Berlin and Madrid.

Campus Party will return to Europe in 2016

Campus Party will return to Europe, where it’s fourth edition will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands on 25 – 29 May 2016. This weeklong, 24-hours-a-day technology event is the place to be for young technical talent to innovate, learn and engage with some of the biggest names in technology. Thousands of “campuseros” including geeks, nerds, designers, developers, gamers, hackers, scientists, startups and other fans of Internet and technology will all come together during intense days of networking and activities such as workshops, hackathons and competitions about innovation, creativity, science and digital entertainment and entrepreneurship.

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