Become a Campus Party Ambassador

Become a Campus Party Ambassador

Campus Party is the biggest tech festival in the world. Hundreds of thousands of students have participated in Campus Party events all over the world. For the fourth time it’s back in Europe. Participants, called Campuseros, make the magic happen.

Join the global network of Campuseros as a key partner by becoming a Campus Party Ambassador. As a Campus Party Ambassador you are one of the most important links between Campuseros and the event itself. We need your help to make it work.

To apply, you must live OUTSIDE the Netherlands.

What is a Campus Party Ambassador?

Campus Party Ambassadors are passionate about working to create a more sustainable and just future. They look for ways to make technology work to improve lives. They do this in many ways, including by: 
  • Creating art and entertainment that fills us with wonder and questions
  • Loving technology and using it in surprising ways
  • Solving difficult problems
  • Connecting us in creative ways
  • Imagining new ways of living
  • Making the things that help us live longer, happier, and with more meaning
  • Thinking of our security and helping us stay safe 
  • Participating in the creation of open source content and code
  • Creating, coding, and making
Campus Party Ambassadors question everything. Even themselves. They are not satisfied with easy answers. 

What do you do?

Campus Party Ambassadors help promote Campus Party to students and young people. They tell them what to expect. They share content and help people register as Campuseros.
Campus Party Ambassadors commit to getting 25 people to register for the 5-day, 4-night event in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Share our competitions, such as: 
  • The unofficial poster competition (using official branding guidelines)
  • Best shared packing list (What will you be bringing to Campus Party)
  • Create a theme song for the event
  • Best 20-second video
  • Animated gif competition

What do you get?

You get our undying gratitude and respect. Plus:
  • For every 25 people a Campus Party Ambassador organizes, they receive 25 5-day camping passes to share with the group. That’s right! If you can organize a group of 25 to come to Utrecht for CPEU4, all 25 receive free entrance to the event.
  • You get a Campus Party Staff t-shirt.
  • You get to attend a semi-private discussion with at least one VIP speaker.
  • Plus you get other exciting perks.

How do you apply?

Fill out the form below telling us why you would be a good ambassador. You should be living OUTSIDE the Netherlands. This should include the following information:
  • Why I am ambassador material
  • How I plan to recruit others to come to Campus Party in the Netherlands
  • Links to relevant online profiles and information
We will be accepting 3 applicants per country. So fill out the form today. 

What we will do for you

  • We will support your efforts with content. We can send you presentations, photos, and graphics to share.
  • We will communicate with you weekly about new activities. You will be the first to know.
  • We will cherish you in our hearts.

Thank you!


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