Campusero tickets for winners at Eduhack!

Posted November 17, 2015

In the weekend of 14 and 15 November Eduhack was held in Utrecht and we were there to award some of the winners with Campusero tickets! Eduhack is a 24h hackathon in which several teams with a maximum of 6 persons had the chance to produce a working prototype, based on one of the 14 cases provided by the organisation.

After the 24h they gave a pitch about their prototype to a jury. The team that won tickets for Campus Party came with the idea to make a platform that gives children the chance to educate themselves outside of school, without any requirements. A platform where they are free to choose what they want to spend their time on. Time and effort is rewarded with badges and points/ fake currency. Check out their pitch here.

Eduhack is a community partner of Campus Party – follow them for news, updates and new insights into our educational systems.

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