A Hackawhat?

Posted December 16, 2015
Hackathons have become very popular in the last couple of years, as it is a great tool for organisations to gain new ideas, spark minds and force break through. Hackathons are an important part of Campus Party and many Campusero’s will work on real life challenges put forward in our programme. But what is a hackathon and how do you participate in it?

Hackathons are organised by all sorts of organisations who are inviting volunteers to develop ideas in a short, set period of time based on (company) data and processes. A competitive element can be a trigger for participants to join but the most important is a stimulating environment! The whole event helps triggering interest and gives companies the opportunity to get in touch with the vitality of startups.

Shaping a hackathon requires preparation, especially when the aim is to create a long-term relationship with the participants and the implementation of the ideas developed. For example, you can have a pre-event with workshops, lectures and brainstorm sessions.

Mostly, hackathons attract experienced participants who are familiar with the concept. To not rule out the inexperienced who can also shine new light on the challenges, often hackathons are simply named ‘challenges’.

Providing some sort of an incentive for people to join the hackathon is key. Ensuring implementation by coaching the team to take ideas to the market helps to attract participants. You could also schedule follow-up days for those who want to go further with developing their ideas.

And last but not least, make sure the event is provided with all technological comforts like a good working wifi-connection, enough plug sockets, beamers, microphones and enough food and drinks.

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