Campus Party is Back in Europe

Posted March 13, 2016
Campus Party is Back in Europe

From May 25-29, 5 days and 4 nights, Campus Party will be back in Europe. It’s in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It promises to be exciting.

Campus Party Registration Open

Get your tickets here:

Why should you register for Campus Party in Utrecht, The Netherlands? 

Because people like you will be there. People who dare to dream, love to make things, hack things, and solve difficult problems. People who love puzzles, play games, and take actions to create a better future.

There will be thousands of you. Imagine the possibilities. Campus Party will help you meet the people you will work with and have fun with the rest of your lives. And you’ll have fun.

Who Will be Joining Us?

Check out our growing list of speakers:

Who else will be there? 

Well, we have one Nobel Prize winner. In 1984, when Dan Schechtman made the discovery that led to the awarding of the prize, he was laughed at by renowned scientists.  In 2011, he got the last laugh when he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

We’ve got at least one mad dog, or maddog, as he likes to be called. With a small mJon maddog Hall is an open source evangelist. He’ll be around sharing his wisdom openly and freely, in the spirit of his dedication to the free and open source software movement.

Cyberwar got you worried? Berkman Center fellow Camille François will be on hand to share her vast knowledge with us.

That’s just a taste of the many exciting speakers and workshop leaders who will be on hand. Keep watching our site for updates:

First EU Drone Race

We will host the first European Indoor FPV Drone Championship at Campus Party.

Imagine drones flying over 100 km/h on a race track and making amazing maneuvers on the advanced obstacle course.

Our partner FormulaFPV will host these championships. As a Campusero you can join the qualifiers. Just bring your FPV race drone.

Are You a Campusero?

Have you attended a Campus Party in the past? Share a short video with us sharing a favorite experience or tips for packing for a 5 day Campus Party event. Please. Pretty please.

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Crowdfund Your Week at Campus Party

We’ve created some guidelines for you to use to create your own crowdfunding campaign.

Check them out here: Crowdfunding Tips for Campuseros  (
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