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Posted March 30, 2016

​​For all who love tech: Campus Party is the place to be!

How would you like to chat with a Nobel Prize Laureate, while gearing up for a drone race? Well, you can come see for yourself – at this year’s Campus Party!

Campus Party, the world's largest tech festival is coming to Utrecht, the Netherlands, this year. In late May (25-29), the Jaarbeurs Utrecht will fill up with students, tech enthusiasts, innovators and geeks. They will be introduced to the latest technologies, as well as challenged to dream up solutions to some of the most pressing problems of our near and distant future. And all of that in a 24/7 festival environment.  

Does this sound like music to your ears? Sign up for Campus Party!

Sign up for Campus Party! During the festival, you can improve your skills during various challenges, workshops and hackathons. You will hear from inspiring speakers including Dirk Ahlborn from Hyperloop Transportation Technology, Nobel Prize Laureate Dan Shechtman, CEO of Fairphone Bas van Abel, Camille François of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, and Matthew Reyes from GoPro NASA.
And that’s not all! Get ready to learn more about the latest technologies in the field of 3D printing, virtual reality and robotics. For relaxation, enjoy a wide range of entertainment and gamin tournaments.  

Don’t talk about the future. Build the future.

Campus Party is challenging technical talent to work on innovative solutions to some of the social problems of the future. The challenges featured will be in the fields of big data, sustainability, innovation in education, and new business models, among others. So, do you want to collaborate with over 5,000 other technical talents? Are you eager to use technology for a better future? And do you want to build a network with startups, inspiring speakers and innovative companies? Then come to the Campus Party. 

Our gift to you

International participants rejoice! In order to help you out with your costs, the team of Campus Party has the following offer: You can now use the discount code UNI25CPEU2016 to get your ticket for only 25 euros of the original 165 euros for the 5-day top program, including a tent to sleep in (but no food). The deadline to make this (highly!) discounted purchase is May 15, 2016. Check out our program and sign up for your Campusero ticket: 
Additionally, you can also sign up as a volunteer and support us in putting together the coolest event in the field of technology. In return, you’ll get to take a look behind the scenes as well as free access. Check for more information or contact us at: [email protected]
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