5 Campus Party Pro Tips to Make Your Experience Better than Bacon

Posted April 20, 2016

So you're a first time Campusero and you need some pro tips to makre your Campus Party experience memorable. In this post, we'll give you 5 tips that will make you experience better than bacon. And yes, even vegetarians know that bacon is delicious. That's why there is so much excitement about dulse, the red seaweed that tastes like bacon.

The pigs like it too.


1. When coffee doesn't give you enough of a buzz to get you out of your tent in the morning.

An electric shock will do the trick. If you want to control the voltage, check out the shock clock. It's a real thing. Or at least a real dream that is currently raising funds on Indiegogo. It promises to make even the most stubborn oversleeper a morning person.


2. When you're up. Really up.

Hey, morning boner syndrome is a thing. Try thinking about something boring, like concrete. Unless you're a transformer and turned on by that stuff.


3. When you get the urge to speak to the masses.

You know what looks good on your CV? Speaking at Campus Party. By doing so, you'll join business gurus, Nobel Prize winners, and the most innovative thinkers in the world. You know how you do it? Set your shock clock for 11:50 pm, run to a stage, grab a mic, and talk. If you're prepared, your project is epic, and you can get a few laughs, you'll have an audience in no time.


4. When you'd rather be gaming.


5. When someone loses the ability to tell real life from a game.

Seriously dude. I am not a game console. 

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