​Aline Carvalho, Campus Party Ambassador

Posted April 5, 2016

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What does it take to be a Campus Party Ambassador? Let's just say, if you did half of what Aline Carvalho does to promote Campus Party, you would still be doing a lot.

Aline is the ambassador of ambassadors. She was one before we even advertised the position.

"I've been passionate about Campus Party since I first attended 6 years ago. It's an exciting event and an opportunity to meet people with interests similar to yours. I'm always looking for ways to help my friends get connected to Campus Party wherever it is in the world."

Aline attended her first Campus Party in 2011. Since then, she has been writing about technology and connecting with Campuseros all over the world. 

Aline is bringing 100 Campuseros from Brazil to Campus Party in Utrecht. 

Aline's favorite talk?


"My favorite talk is "Palestra Muda" by Dado Schneider, he is a brilliant speaker. For his Campus Party talk, he began his lecture with music and strong messages. After that he began to speak. You need to watch it ;)"


What does she love most?

"What I love about Campus Party is when the night falls, after a day of watching brilliant speakers and meeting wonderful people, the creativity comes in, and I can´t sleep, and i know I'm surrounded by another 8000 people who also cannot sleep. We created wonderful things together during the nights of Campus Party Brazil over the past 6 years."


What was the biggest surprise of Campus Party?


"The biggest surprise I have ever received at Campus Party was the invitation to work to organize the 2014 edition. I worked with universities and had contact with the best students from Brazil. I had an incredible experience with this work, and I made many friends who I will never forget."

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