Feels Like the First Time: A Campus Party Newbie Shares Her Experiences

Posted April 4, 2016

What's better than bacon? Campus Party is.

Camping Selfie. Photo by Willian Soares Alves.

“It was the best experience of my life” Natalia Marretti wrote about surviving her first Campus Party. For 5 days and 4 nights, she spent every waking hour learning and working with a few thousand other participants. She overcame her fears, a made a home in the one-person tent every Campus Party participant receives.  She made friends, learned about tech, and discussed digital dystopia.

When Natalie returned from her first Campus Party event in Rio, she was eager to share her impressions.  This post provides some of the highlights of her Campus Party experience.

Really. I have to sleep in a tent? With 1000s of others snoring nearby?

Natalia Marretti  attended her first Campus Party event in 2016. She admits to being a bit afraid of camping out in a big arena with thousands of other Campuseros. 

“I overcame my fears and went,” she wrote.

And she was happy she did. She loved Campus Party Brazil, had a great time and connected with a wide network.

What did she experience as part of Campus Party?

Running. Noise. 

These were the first thing that Natalia noticed about Campus Party. People were running to get special prizes. They were running races. They were running to see if anyone would follow them.

The noise was constant. 24 hours a day. People were talking, working, and joking at all hours of the day and night.

Still. You have to sleep. And by the second day, the noise became something she was used to.

Amazing  people. Big ideas. Great talks.

Every Campus Party has great speakers. Programmers, entrepreneurs, Nobel Prize winners, and experts of all kinds come to Campus Party to share their experiences with the students attending. Natalie was particularly taken by the talk by marketing guru and professor Dado Schneider. She also loved the discussion about digital dystopia and the Netflix series The Black Mirror. She wrote:

“One of the lectures that caught my attention away from the main stage was a discussion of Black Mirror and Digital Dystopia. I will not write too much here, after all I could write five pages on the subject. I can say that being close to the speakers was something that really thrilled the campuseros. It was possible for us to talk to Facebook engineers, developers and even cyborgs.”

24-hour coffee people

Participating in hackathons, challenges, and workshops is one of the thrills of attending Campus Party. It’s also one of the reasons for sleepless nights.

“It’s no wonder we had coffee available 24 hours per day,” Natalia wrote.

Natalia also loved the 3D printer, the demos, and the way people personalized their spaces.

I love you more than bacon

You know it's good when you love it more than bacon. Photo by Natalia Maretti.

Campus Party focuses on tech, but you don’t have to be a hacker to love it. 

There is plenty for everyone. The lectures are fascinating. There's music. There is friendship. 

Back to reality

Tired. Photo by Davi Valenti

5 days and 4 nights working, laughing, and living together is intense. For Natalia, as for many others, attending Campus Party was the best experience of her life. Sure, she was tired.  Sure, she slept only 4 or 5 hours a night. Sure, she could see room for improvement. But it was all worth it.


24 hours in the life of a Campusero

Do you want to find out more? In just a couple of minutes, you can get a feel for 24 hours in the day of a Campusero. Watch this video:

Parts of this post were published by Natalia Marretti on the site Sobreviva em Sao Paolo. 

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