Refugee Entrepreneurship with DELITELABS

Posted April 18, 2016

DELITELABS and Campus Party team up to offer 25 scholarships to refugee entrepreneurs.

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"Do you have any idea what kind of assertiveness it takes to leave your home and move to a new country?" Roshanak asks. She left her home as a refugee and is now an entrepreneur who employs over 100 people. "You've got to have an entrepreneurial spirit."

Halleh Ghorash agrees. She is the first female refugee in the Netherlands to become a full-professor there and has been doing research on migrants for more than 15 years. "Migrants and refugees are people who are assertive and powerful. It's not easy to make a decision to leave home even in the worst of times. It's not easy to tear up your roots and plant new ones in another country and another culture. Those who leave their countries as refugees are often driven to make their mark in their new homes. They need to show themselves and others that the sacrifice was worth it."

To support the transition into their new lives, DELITELABS and Campus Party have teamed up to offer 25 scholarships to refugees studying to become entrepreneurs.

DELITELABS works with migrants and refugees. They offer free courses in entrepreneurship. The experts who teach there do so without pay.

If you are a refugee or migrant who is interested in creating the next generation of work, you should check out DELITELABS and Campus Party. 


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