Ten Things Only Campuseros Understand

Posted April 10, 2016

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1. When you wake up after your first night sleeping in a tent at Campus Party.

Bed head by Flickr user Joshua Rothhaas

2. When you find yourself laughing out loud at a joke that isn't even funny.
They call me laughing horse

3. When your team wins a hackathon.


4. When you find the love of your life.

5. When you realize that you are not alone.

6. When you talk to other people about alien megastructures and they say "KIC 8462852!"

Gallery For > Snoopy Happy Dance Animated Gif

7. When you'll pounce on the next person who disturbs you.

8. When you meet your heros.


9. When you're not the only person who has watched every episode ever of Farscape.

10. When you wake up on the last day of Campus Party with bed head and Einstein brain.

​11. When your top ten list includes 11 items just because you want to include a picture of tickled dinosaurs.

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