The 7 Wonders of #CPEU4 Speakers

Posted April 24, 2016

So, have you checked out the agenda for CPEU4? Because it's pretty frigging cool. We're finding some really exciting talks and challenges that we'd like to share with you. This post includes 7 wonders from our speakers. We've got Lego, brain mapping, high speed travel, and amateur astronauts. We've got machines that make, biotic games, surprising scientific finds. 

And that's just a slice of the Campus Party pi(e). This year's possibilities are endless.

1. One small fold for Lego...

Are you tired of folding your own paper airplanes? Our speaker Arthur Sacek built a Lego machine to help. It's one small step for man. One giant step for mankind. 

Arthur Sacek is scheduled for May 27th at 11 am on the Creativity and Social Impact Stage.

2. Machines that make.

We've got them. Speaker, Nadya Peek builds machines that make other machines. Here she is with POPFAB, a prototyper that fits in a suitcase.

Nadya Peek is speaking at 8 am May 26 on the Main Stage and 11 am on May 26th on the Innovation Stage.

3. Games that map the brain.

Amy Robinson Sterling is working with a team to make mapping the brain a game. Over 200,000 people are now playing Eyewire. By doing so, they are helping to advance neuroscience and having fun.

 Amy Robinson Sterling is speaking at 8am on May 26 on the Creativity and Social Media Stage. Set your shock clock so you don't miss her talk.

4. Games that use biotechnology and not software...

Are you smarter than a single-celled organism?

Ingmar Riedel Kruse has been working on biotic games and interactive biotechnology. From his lab's website:


We develop devices and user interfaces that enable a tangible interactive experience with such systems, a new field that we term "Interactive Biotechnology," i.e., we add a new dimension to the traditionally observational microscopy.

Why even sleep? Ingmar Riedel Kruse is speaking at 6 am on May 26th on the Main Stage. 

5. Not your grandparents's space program.

Speaker Mads Wilson of Copenhagen Suborbitals is one of a team of fifty working to make space travel accessible to amateur astronauts. Space! Maybe Arthur Sacek can build some lego prototypes to help us get there.

Mads Wilson is on the Innovation Stage May 27 at 11 am.


6. Not your Mom's subway.

So you don't want to go into space, but how about traveling at the speed of a rocket ship? Speaker Dirk Ahlborn of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is working on the hyperloop. When his team builds one, we'll be traveling at speeds of up to 700 mph.


7. Not Linus Pauling's Physics...

Quasicrystals? Did you mean Quasimodo?

Nobel Prize winner Dan Shechtman found something surprising a few decades ago: Crystals that were formed from pentagrams. His research was ridiculed. In 2011 he was finally awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery. 

There are more wonders to come! Check out the agenda.

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