3 Exciting Challenges for the Future You

Posted May 12, 2016

Are you the type of person who eats all their candy in one sitting? Do you sit up nights wondering how we can get to zero hunger without overstressing the planet? Does the idea of developing a smart city make you do a happy dance?  Campus Party partners have some pretty exciting challenges for you. So get your ticket and sign up now.

1. Do you want it now!


Do you need that dessert now? Do you have to have those new shoes today? If you were offered €1000 euros today or €2000 in one year -- which would you take?

Humans are programmed for instant gratification rather than future rewards. Achmea challenges you to change that. What can people do now to stay healthy later in life? How can you save money today to use after you retire? What ideas to Campus Party participants have for encouraging people to do what is best in the long term, rather than enjoy short term rewards?

2. How do you put 9 billion people on a diet?

In just a few years there will be 9 billion of us sharing this lovely planet of ours. What does that mean for the future of food? How will we all get the nutrients we need without depleting our resources? That's the challenge Bebright is giving to Campuseros. In their 2-day challenge, participants will come up with prototypes, business plans, campaigns, and other solutions that address the future of food.

3. How do you turn the wrong side of the tracks into the right side of the tracks? 

By Roel Hemkes from Amersfoort, Netherlands (De avond valt op station Amersfoort) | CC BY 2.0

The municipalities of Utrecht and Amersfoort are turning to Campus Party participants for healthy and "futureproof" ideas for developing the areas surrounding their train stations. They'll provide some data, but expect Campuseros to do their own digging. The use of Fiware Lab Tools is encouraged. Future urban planners, this challenge is for you.

The Healthy Urban Living Challenge is sponsored by the Economic Board Utrecht, Utrecht Region, Gemeente Utrecht, Gemeente Amersfoort, Hackacity, Fiware Lab NL, Civity, Munisense, Communithings, Elba-Rec, Atos, Deloitte.
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