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Posted May 18, 2016

Why Can't Girls Code? 

In this video from Girls Who Code, we hear from the girls themselves. With a wink and a nod, they tell us what keeps them from coding.

"It's hard to code when you're too busy crying."

"My cleavage is too distracting/"

Long eyelashes, hormones, mood-swings, irrationality, and beautiful hair: these are the things that prevent women from coding.


What about Ada Lovelace?

​Remember when she invented scientific computing? No? Read about her here: Who Was Ada Lovelace.

That's Ada Lovelace at her piano.

What about Katherine Johnson, NASA's "human computer"?

Photo by NASA/Sean Smith, Public Domain

Before computers could do the calculations necessary to reach the moon, there was Katherine Johnson.You can see a video about her and her work here: The ‘Human Computer’ Behind the Moon Landing Was a Black Woman. Here is what Johnson said in an interview with NASA:

"You could do much more, much faster on computer.But when they went to computers, they called over and said, 'tell her to check and see if the computer trajectory they had calculated was correct.' So I checked it and it was correct."

Of course we could go on and on...

Or you could come see us and here all about it. Join us for Girls in Tech Day.
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