I Told You I Was Sick and Other Great Challenges for Campuseros

Posted May 9, 2016
Are you ready for a challenge? Then maybe you should be attending this year's Campus Party in Utrecht. Participants will be taking on some of the most important issues facing us as a society. In this post you can find challenges for helping humanitarian organizations map unmapped regions, addressing the future of farming, and dealing with stress management and overall health. 

1. Farm seeks farmer

By Ryan Thompson/U.S. Department of Agriculture, CC BY 2.0

What will the future of farming look like? This question is especially important when you realize that population is increasing, while the number of farmers and the amount of arable land is decreasing. How can fewer farmers feed more people using less land and fewer resources? Rabobank is sponsoring this challlenge to find ways to prepare future farmers to thrive and survive. If that's not a challenge what is?

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2. You are here

Each year, disasters around the world kill nearly 100,000 and affect or displace 200 million people. Many of the places where these disasters occur are literally missing from maps. First responders lack the information to make valuable decisions regarding relief efforts. Missing Maps is an open, collaborative project in which you can help to map areas where humanitarian organizations are trying to meet the needs of vulnerable people. If this is something that interests you, then you should join this challenge.

3. Who's stressed? >:( I'm not stressed!

Stess and anger are common emotions. They also often get us into trouble. How can we use data and biofeedback to alert us to our emotions and help us cool off and destress? Hogeschool Utrecht, Ucreate, and Spirit are coming together to challenge Campuseros to address how we can measure stress  In particular, how can young people, particularly those in youth care, benefit from a tool that helps them manage stress levels? 

4. I told you I was sick

​By Cali4beach, CC BY 2.0

In a graveyard in Florida, there is a marker that reads: "I told you I was sick." With today's technology, data can make a pretty good determination of whether or not you are sick. This challenge uses sensors and biomarker technology to create new tools for measuring health. Hogeschool Utrecht, Utrech University, Leiden, TNO, and Van Berlo are sponsoring this challenge. No calling in sick for Campuseros!

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