Insomnia is bliss: combine music and tech in nocturnal jam sessions at Campus Party 2016

Posted May 12, 2016

​Can’t sleep? Lucky you! Because Campus Party takes 24/7 literally.

Not only can you experience the latest in tech, gadgets and innovation during the day, there’s plenty to do at night as well. On May 25, 26 and 27, there will be jam sessions at midnight, led by Guerrilla Sound Trip and the creative mind of Carlo Balemans. After a full and inspiring day program, you can indulge yourself in a musical adventure – in which you play a major part yourself.
And Campus Party would not be Campus Party if even the music sessions wouldn’t be full of tech elements…

Take MaKey MaKey‘s technology, for example. It shows that you can make music by using virtually everything. Gummy worms? Flowers? Balloons? As long as it conducts electricity. Even the dancefloor works as one big music instrument.

Curious? Come and experience the jam sessions yourself. Connect your laptop to the dj booth or improvise on the spot.
Why music? Because music equals creativity. Innovation equals creativity. And more importantly: music helps you relax. So with a relaxed and creative mind, what else do you need to get to the greatest ideas? 
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