Let's Get This Campus Party Started!

Posted May 16, 2016

Dear Campuseros, Partners, Volunteers, Speakers, Workshop Leaders, and Team,

We are in the last few days until the first ever Campus Party in the Netherlands and the fourth in Europe.

In 200 hours, on May 25 at 8pm, there will be enthusiastic Campuseros attending the opening ceremony, ready for action. These Campuseros will spend the next four nights and five days with each other. Together we will create a spectacular experience for them and with them. We'll have the help of more than 250 speakers and workshop leaders and hundreds of volunteers. The Campuseros will work on solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing our society, including climate change, the future of food, and the treatment of refugees. They will hack, crack, and innovate. They will deal with issues of personal health and the health of cities. They will interact with movers and shakers, innovators and policymakers. In short, they will have the time of their lives.

For the team working on Campus Party over the past 14 months, there won't be a chance to relax until the last Campusero is home safely.

That team has taken on this project with huge ambitions and high expectations. It hasn't always gone as planned. And yet, the end result promises to be brilliant.

Just look at the agenda we have lined up for Campuseros! Speakers behind the realization of Elon Musk's hyperloop. Drone races. A Nobel Prize Winner who had his discovery ridiculed by Linus Pauling. A TED speaker working to unite Africans via social media. A developer of biotic games using single-celled organisms. A Lego genius. Pioneers of internet communities and digital journalism. Thinkers, developers, and designers who are leading us into the future of Artificial Intelligence. And more!  

We'll have challenges that address the brain, humanitarian assistance, health, fintech, and education. Campuseros can help municipalities in the Netherlands develop future-proof neighborhoods that are exciting, vibrant, and capable of accomodating future developments. They will be challenged to build better robots, imagine a new way of feeding the world and eliminating hunger, help people plan for the future, and monitor and improve the health of millions. 

There will even be music played with bananas.

200 hours to go...

The tents are here. The registrations are still coming in.

200 hours ...

The days are long and the nights are short. Our team is barely sleeping. They are mustering all their effort, energy, perseverance, and determination to make a great success of Campus Party. 

200 hours...

We wish everybody a lot of fun, energy, determination, and decisiveness.

So here's to the Campuseros, the team, the speakers, partners, workshop leaders, and volunteers. You are what will make this event a success. You are the true stars of #CPEU4.

Best wishes and good luck. Let's get this Campus Party started!

Roderick Wijsmuller
Campus Party NL Director

It's not too late to join us.
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