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Posted May 14, 2016
“I will be so happy to share with you my ideas about how the internet can unite young Africans and make us begin to think and act collaboratively.”

Siyanda Mohutsiwa*

*Extra points go to those of you who notice how Siyanda pronounces UTRECHT.

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We’ll be filming at Campus Party, and we need volunteers to star. If you’ve created a game, an app, or a website or are a maker or IoT fan, you may be eligible. Send an email to [email protected]. Tell us a little bit about yourself in 200 words or less, and you may become the star of the CPEU4 film.

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Robotics and bionics

We are so excited about our robotics and bionics program this year. We’ve got Nadya Peek, who makes machines that make machines. We’ve got Arie Rommers, who is a bionic man. He uses the world’s most advanced robotic hand. Nell Watson will help us think about how to build moral machines. And Guszti Eiben will introduce us to evolutionary robotics.

There will be all that and much more. Check out the activities:

Achmea combines insurance with drones

Insurance is one of the most underrated and innovative fields. Insurance companies are among the first responders to disasters. They help to rebuild lives and communities. Campus Party partner Achmea even uses drones to assist with its work. 

"Campus Party is a unique opportunity to meet pioneers and innovators from the high-tech industry," says Achmea’s Director of Market Strategy Albert Spijkman.

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Is Twitter dead?

Campus Party speaker Siyanda Mohutsiwa tells us why it’s not.

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