Mitros: in search of innovation in social housing

Posted May 20, 2016

Innovating by cherishing and optimizing the old. It might sound like a contradiction, but it makes sense when you think about the monuments your city might hold. Beautiful, old city such as Utrecht are often rich in characteristic buildings and houses that attract not only tourists, but also loads of people hoping to make it their home. And do not forget about the many students that move to the city. But how do you maintain the beauty while also taking care of the quality of living, in a healthy and sustainable environment? These questions match perfectly with Campus Party’s theme ‘healthy urban living’. Social housing corporation Mitros is very eager to address them. They partner with the province and municipality Utrecht in order to make sure that Utrecht will keep it’s magic, also for the generations to come.

Housing is an ancient topic, but the additional services and public needs change overtime. Even the prettiest and sturdiest houses need to get some work done regularly. Mitros renovates 800 houses yearly to maintain the quality and improve the sustainability. Smart technologies can optimize these processes and enable the corporation to work better, faster, against lower costs. But, houses are also homes and the center of people’s lives. They need to match the current needs of living. During Campus Party Mitros will therefor also explore the possibilities of technology in public health, energy and mobility. At a festival such as Campus Party Mitros gets to map of their target group’s needs and ideas first hand. This social corporation strives for innovation by exploring the social aspect to the fullest.

Bastiaan Staffhorst, Manager Strategy at Mitros: ‘we are aware we don’t excel in innovation, but that doesn’t abridge our ambitions. Our job is to make sure everyone can live a pleasant life in an affordable house. We gladly invite Campuseros and visitors to come up with surprising, innovative ideas to make our world more efficient and effective. We are keen on evolving and will be investing in smart technologies so we can offer the best social housing. Determining the opportunities and needs of our target groups will help us to get to the next level. We hope that the partnerships and contacts during Campus Party will contribute to our ultimate goal: satisfied tenants.’
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