Rabobank’s challenge to you: Develop a financial sixth sense

Posted May 19, 2016
Wouldn’t it be great if you could be warned before you make a bad financial decision? A financial sixth sense that gives you an advance alert so you can avoid making a decision you’ll regret later. One that also shares suggestions and tips with our customers so they can manage their financial affairs better, faster and easier. This is one of the two challenges Rabobank has in store for the Campuseros.

Rabobank is the world’s largest Food & Agri bank and one of the Netherlands’ largest allfinanz banks. It was one of the very first cooperative banks when it was founded more 100 years ago, making it a disruptor in the financial industry at the time. Rabobank is committed to contributing towards achieving wealth and prosperity in the Netherlands and to helping feed the world sustainably. Innovation plays a key role in achieving these aims. This is why Rabobank enthusiastically supports Campus Party that will be held at the Jaarbeurs exhibition & convention centre in Utrecht. 

Harrie Vollaard, Rabobank’s Head of Innovation, explains: 'Rabobank will be actively involved as a co-organiser of Campus Party – the world’s largest technology festival. It’s a world-class event where we get to meet the forerunners in innovation. They have the ability to conceive fantastic applications in the field of banking that will benefit our customers in the near future.’ 

Join us! 
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