Challenge: Exposing the European Security Industry

Since 9/11 a vibrant European security industry has emerged. A team of European investigative journalists are working together to expose the size and influence of this industry. We invite you to work with us and become a sleuth for one day and help us to hold this enormous new industry to account.

Without much public oversight a truly European Homeland Security Industry has emerged in the last fifteen years. Big defence contractors have moved into the civil security market and provide high tech solutions to daily security problems. Nobody knows the size of this new industry or the scope of its influence on national and European security policy. A team of investigative journalists from several European countries (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and The Netherlands) are working together on a thorough and data driven investigation of this new industry. We would like you to look at our data and help us find relevant leads. We would like to invite you to become a sleuth for one day and help us with our data.

Evaluation Criteria
Relevant leads for further investigation.

Process description
We have gathered a lot of data from several European sources about lobbying, public tenders, European research grants and company lists. Our challenge is to normalise the data, design a good data schema and to analyse the data to find leads that we can work with.

Technical information​
The data are in csv format. We’ll probably use a Postgres database. We don’t have APIs yet.

Expected result​
We expect to get some relevant leads to stories and/or a cleaner data set.

Dimitri Tokmetzis (data journalist) and Maaike Goslinga (International Editor). Both are working for De Correspondent.
Our stories will be published all over Europe. You and your team will be mentioned in the relevant stories. For Dutch speaking participants we’ll be giving away free yearly subscriptions to De Correspondent.

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