Challenge: Stress Less

Can you find a way to use technology to make people more relaxed and create safer youth care?

When we experience stress, we tend to look for an escape: find a more quite space, find something else to do, or even find a confrontation to reduce the stress. There are situation where escaping stress is more difficult, and being incarcerated in youth care is one of those situations.
But there are ways, even in these situations, to reduce stress. And new technologies like sensoring and biofeedback can help make people more aware of their stress level, help them better control their anxiety and make them mentally more resilient.

Evaluation Criteria
A technical solution/prototype that uses sensor data on stress levels to positively changes someone’s mood. Criteria:
-        Incorporates stress measurement
-        Functional for both the wearer and the group worker
-        Is easy (and possibly fun) to use, over a longer period
-        Applies behavior change stimuli
-        Links to user research (intro + interviews at start of the challenge)

Process information
48h Challenge/Hackathon: inspiration, experimentation, ideation, prototyping, testing

Technical information​
Using Totem and/or stress sensor and a user interaction device (e.g. smartphone)

Expected result​
technical prototype​


Jury:  Soon


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