Challenge: Business Marathon Mobility

Keep our cities moving

The Netherlands is fortunate to rank third in the world with a “perfect” infrastructure according to the World Economic Forum Global Competitive Index [1]. Yet mobility issues like traffic jams are still a daily occurrence - just as they are in cities all over the world.

Every day we grapple with traffic congestion, road safety challenges, and the effects of climate change. Many of us also consider the underlying opportunity for social and economic growth when we’re better connected with one another.

Tackling these and related issues is the Smart Mobility Challenge.

Consider that The Netherlands already features a dense network of high quality roads, ‘smart’ traffic signals, and has traffic monitoring sensors in many roads, bridges and tunnels. As effective as these solutions are, they’ve still not solved the issue. Research by the Vrije Universiteit [2] shows that if only 10% would choose to travel outside peak hours, the problem would be almost entirely solved.

How can smart mobility solutions influence this 10% and more to change their behaviour? How can Smart Mobility improve the liveability of towns and cities all around the world?

The Utrecht Science Park case Over 70.000 people work or study at Utrecht Science Park (USP) every day. It is a vibrant district featuring universities, hospitals and commercial businesses. Students, patients, employees and the general public visit each and every day with reasons and motivations that vary widely. This leads to big mobility challenges. Think of traffic congestion, bike traffic jams, parking issues, packed buses etc. Province and Municipality of Utrecht have set the goal to solve these growing mobility challenges of USP.

Key themes for tackling the USP case are Internet of Things, Big Data, and “Mobility as a Service” solutions that can change individual visitor behaviour in order to reduce traffic at peak times. Also important are “Business Solutions” that influence entire workforces and groups of visitors to the USP.

Via the USP case, participants of the Smart Mobility Business Marathon will conceive, prototype and prove the feasibility of Smart Mobility solutions that can be applied by 2020, if not sooner!

Lead partners:
- Provincie Utrecht,
- Gemeente Utrecht
- Ministry of economic

Affairs Support and Content partners:
- Utrecht Science Park (partners)
- TNO Smart Cities
- Mobility Monday
- Simacan
- Rijkswaterstaat
- CBS (centraal bureau voor de statistiek)

What is a Business Marathon?
Campus Party has created the Business Marathon to bring together the best elements of hackathons, startup pitch events, and cutting edge technology to solve the big, real world challenges faced by our society and that of future generations. Throughout the event participants will be challenged to create viable and meaningful businesses that matter.

Participants looking to make an impact will start by pitching their idea or joining a team. Leading researchers, industry experts, and experienced entrepreneurs are on hand to assist. Open data-sets, APIs, and advanced hardware prototypes are available to leverage. Presentation coaches will prepare participants for final presentations in front of the entire Campus Party.

Expected result
Each team is expected to produce a working prototype of their solution, a business model of their idea, learn from some customer discovery and present an awesome pitch.

Technical information
- Datasets and API’s
- Smart Mobility Utrecht
- NDW data
- RWS data
- OV
- data
​- Utrecht Open Data Platform
- TNO Fountain Model
- Weather Data (KNMI)
- Google Public Datasets

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