Challenge: Earthcon

By 2050 or so, the human population is expected to pass nine billion. Those billions will be seeking food, water and other resources on a planet where humans are already shaping climate and the web of life. We need to prevent and prepare ourselves for what is to come while making way for new opportunities.

EarthCon is a five-day conference for entrepreneurs, engineers, and activists to tackle the root causes and domino effects of climate change. The event will take place in Utrecht, Netherlands May 25th-29th at Campus Party Europe. Our programming includes a refugee, food waste, and clean tech hackathon, as well as workshops teaching the skills to prepare developers, designers, and business leaders for the challenges faced in social enterprise creation. Our speakers share stories of how the created their innovative solutions to climate change through community, leadership, and creativity. 


Because we have the unique opportunity to do good for our world and our business simultaneously. Now is the time when our leadership is most needed, and will have the most impact on the future of our organizations and communities. Those innovators and entrepreneurial leaders willing to seize these opportunities are the ones who will benefit profit from imminent market shifts to sustainable products and services.

To create restorative solutions to climate change, from sourcing to producing new businesses.

Clean Tech Hackathon

What would happen if we could store the energy that we save in a global battery, and someone else, somewhere else in the world, could use it?

The save-it forward project aims to generate acts of change to tackle the challenges of energy saving and energy poverty, while facilitating the collaboration of students and professionals from all the regions of the world to find better ways to tackle them.

​During the save-it forward hackathon we are going to create awesome acts of change about energy saving through behavioral change and collaboration with students and communities in Africa, Asia and Latino America to tackle local energy challenges.

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