Challenge: Eduhack

Educationhack meets Campus Party

Case 1: Download the case
Case 2: Download the case
Case 3: Download the case

Evaluation Criteria
Most innovative prototype solution(s) win

Technical information​
We will supply API's to get you started, including workshops to help in getting the best outcomes

Process information
Come up with a prototype solution for the 3 cases and make an impact on national and international education

Expected result​
Direct impact by quick prototyping in schools, from public primary education + Higher Education + direct use as platform for Education Hackathons worldwide

2500 euro in prize for the best solution for Kennisnet

Avans: 5 x een 3D printer - 3D printer XYZprinting da Vinci junior 1.0 met extra rol kunststof en bon € 25 voor professionele 3D print.

Become a shareholder in the Education Hackathon platform from Presente!

Jury:  Rick de Visser, Erwin Bomas, Bart Kapteijns, Daniël Haven, Frank Leone, Sem van Geffen


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