Challenge: Homo Irrationalis vs. Homo Economicus

What if you could have 100 euros today or 200 euros next year?  The chances are you would take the 100 euros. Humans are programmed for instant gratification rather than future rewards. We are challenging you to change that. What can people do now to stay healthy later in life? And how can we persuade people to save enough for their old age?

1.    What can people do now to stay healthy later in life?
Prevention is better than cure is such a hackneyed cliché. At the same time, it is a truism and a challenge for society. We are able to cure more and more diseases, or at the very least, offer better treatments. We are living longer, but that doesn’t mean that we are living healthier lives. What is particularly concerning is that we are getting fatter and fatter. Just over 43% of adults in the Netherlands are overweight, running an increased risk of diabetes, joint problems and cardiovascular disease. The way back from obesity to a healthy weight is extremely difficult, which makes prevention all the more important. What can we do now to help people stay healthy and to avoid having to undergo treatments in the future? 

2.    How can you get people to save now for 40 years ahead?
The days of retiring at 65 with a secure pension are over. The retirement age is being increased every year and will soon rise in line with life expectancy. And don’t count on receiving 70% of your average salary every month after toiling away for years. To secure an income you will need to set aside money yourself. And you’ll have to do the same for other things, too: for a house or for care you may need in later life. Saving now for 10, 20, 30 or 40 years ahead, even though you could use the money now ...? That’s what we mean. How do you get people to do that? And does everybody have to save individually? Or are there ways of saving with others?  

Assignment: How can we make people aware that their short-term actions can have a major impact in the long term? We look forward to receiving your solutions and ideas.

Evaluation Criteria
Idea and process 

​​Expected result
Solution, idea, development
€2500 to donate to a charity of your choice €2500 for a travel voucher

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