Challenge: Maximizing Max

Maximize Max Verstappen’s ambition with your smart coding

Can you help Max Verstappen create some spare time in his demanding schedule? Being the world’s youngest F1 driver already made Max a popular guy. But after his notable promotion to Red Bull Racing, his life has really gone into overdrive. There’s so much to do, but so little time! Exact’s Maximizing Max game is aimed at developing smart solutions for Max’s on- and off-track challenges. Can you build him a bot to answer his fan mail? Can you verify the security of his website? And can you help Max realize his ambition of becoming world champion by visualizing historic race data? He’ll be forever grateful and will reward the best contender with tickets to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November 2016

Evaluation Criteria
A jury scores the contestants’ input. They will be scoring points for thoroughness, speed and creativity. Whoever gets the highest overall score, wins the challenge. In case of a tie, the fastest contestant will be the winner. Contestants might enter the game solo or in duos.

Expected result​
Correct and fast execution of the challenges.

A trip to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix for 2 persons, from Thursday November 24 until Sunday November 27. Hotel, transfers and the tickets to the circuit are all included.

Exact specialists

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