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#CPEU4 has a treat in store for young journalists, newsmakers and media innovators

Not too long ago, Jeff Jarvis wrote the following on the “new future of news”:
“You don’t make communities. Communities already exist [and] they’re already doing what they want to do. The question you should be asking is how you can help them do what they want to do better.”
Jarvis is a U.S. journalist, professor and author. He is also a #CPEU4 speaker!

Media and Journalism Program

Wednesday may 25

19:30 Opening Campus Party
20:40 Social Impact - Bas van Abel  -  More info

Thursday may 26

15:00 Making Social Change in an Age of ... - Ethan Zuckerman - More info
15:30 We are Social - Matt Stopera - More info
16:00 Siyanda Mohutsiwa
16:30 Mathew Reyes (GoPro)
18:00 The platforms' age is shaping media - Ricky van Veen - More info


Friday may 27

14:00 Eliot Higgins - BellingCat
16:00 Open Journalism - Jeff Jarvis - More info
18:00 Drone Journalism - Ben Kreimer - More info
18:30 Drone Monitoring - Camiel Verschoor - More info
19:00 360 Video - Hans Jaap Melissen - More info

Saturday may 28

13:00 - 17:00 Challenge making your news valuable via chatbots  -  More info

Alongside fellow colleagues, among others Ethan Zuckerman, director of the Center for Civic Media at MIT, Jarvis will share his expertise with all those of you, passionate about the future of news, journalism and the media. Zuckerman, in turn, will focus on how to achieve civic engagement through digital tools, and essentially, on the challenges of making social change. Get to meet our speakers in person, and ask them the questions you’ve been dying to ask. Now’s your time! Become a Campusero by getting your ticket here!

Media and Journalism speakers

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