Crowdfunding Tips for Campuseros

Crowdsource Your Campus Party Travel

We’re excited that you want to join us for Campus Party in the Netherlands, May 25-29. The event promises to be exciting.
One example of a crowdfunding platform is IndieGoGo Generosity ( You can use it to set up a campaign to raise funds from the general public. IndieGoGo Generosity seems to be one of the easiest to use. It offers several benefits. You can keep the money you raise even if you don’t hit your final target.
You can:
  • Tell people your story and why you want to attend Campus Party

  • Set perks for people to contribute

  • Set a target for how much money you want to raise

  • Set the date when your campaign will end (whether you hit your target or not).

There are several other crowd-funding platforms out there. You should do some research to find out what is best for you in your own country.

Share Your Campus Party Crowdfunding Campaign

Let us know about your campaign, and we will do our best to promote it on our social media. Let us know by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram:
Twitter: @campuspartynl
Instagram:  @campuspartynl

Guidelines & Suggestions

  1. Campaign Title: Support My Attendance at Campus Party
  2. Campaign Image: You can use our logo as an image for the campaign.
  3. Campaign Text: We suggest the following headings and storyline but it’s up to you to create the most convincing campaign:

What is Campus Party? 

Here's some suggested text to get you started:

Campus Party is a 5-day, 24-hour per day event. It brings together students from all over to participate in hackathons, challenges, and workshops. Mentors and speakers come from all over the world to challenge and inspire the participants. This year's event is in Utrecht, The Netherlands. One of the speakers we get to meet is even a Nobel Prize Laureate for Chemistry.

My Mission

Introduce yourself and tell the world why you want to go. What ambition do you hope to fulfill. Keep it short. Three sentences maximum. 

My Story

Elaborate on your experience, perspective, story...include photos! 

The Impact

Tell people why attending the event is important, why you want to contribute, and what you want to gain from the experience.

Where Will the Money Go?

Provide a clear summary of where the money is going - travel, food, registration fee, etc.

Suggestions for Perks

As a part of most crowdfunding campaigns, you might want to provide a few perks to people who contribute money to your campaign. Think about what you are ready to give, how much time it will take you to deliver the perks, and what your contributors would find really valuable.

When people are giving to someone for attending an event, they don’t want something that will cost you money. But they may might want something that costs you time and is personal. They may want a bit of recognition, a personal word of thanks.
Here are a few suggestions for perks. Feel free to customize. Keep us informed, and we will share your campaign. If any of your contributors reach the level of Honorary Campusero or CampusHero, let us know. We can't add them to the website without your help.
  • €10 ‎€30: Thank you: a personal thank-you message
  • €50-‎€99: Thank you & a report on the event with pictures + the above.

  • ‎€100-‎€299: All of the above, plus 1-day spent on a challenge that is related the common good. For instance, sustainability or humanitarian assistance.

  • ‎€300-‎€499: Honorary Campusero: All of the above, plus 1 more day spent on a charitable challenge. Get featured on the Campus Party (NL) website as a friend (We'll make an Honorary Campusero Page and share it on the site.)

  • ‎€500-‎€999: CampusHero: All of the above, plus get featured on the Campus Party (NL) website as a Best Friend (name + photo/logo)
  • ‎€1000 or more: CampusHero+: (Think of something really creative, like a gift you make at the event itself) + all of the above

Other General Advice:

  • Direct people to our website for more information:  

  • Before you “Submit to Go Live” with your campaign, make sure that you’re comfortable with your deadline and funding goal. Those items cannot be changed once you launch your campaign to the public. You can keep your project in "Draft" mode as long as you like.

  • Creativity in utilizing your networks will help spread the word quickly! We recommend you create a weekly schedule with updates; Friday is when people like to contribute to campaigns the most.

  • Keep us informed of your progress. If you have donors that become CampusHeros, don't forget to send us their information so we can add it to the site.


Right click on the image to download the official Campus Party logo:


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