The program of Campus Party will inspire you, enable you and let you connect with people like you. Together you can to learn new skills in workshops, given by experts from a wide variety of fields. You can work in teams on challenges and hackathons that give you opportunities to show your skills to the world and potential employers. And during this all you will be inspired and entertained by keynote speakers and experts who will be divided into 5 themes.


All sessions at Campus Party will in one way or the other be related to Global Challenges we face. Large topics made into chunk size challenges, sessions and workshops will tackle topics like Energy management and renewal, population growth and its challenges, Technology implementation, Heath issues and Security on all levels. The themes for Campus Party are: All sessions and activities at Campus Party will fall under these categories and color marked for recognitions. Do you have a suggestion for speakers and session? We would love to hear your input!



Opinion leaders and webcelebrities will take the stage at Campus Party in order to inspire you. They will talk about problems they have faced, solutions they have found, while motivating and inspiring you to keep learning new skills and solving new problems. The stages are located in the Arena, where only Campusero's will have full access to the keynote speakers.

Click here to see the speakers of Campus Party Europe 2016!



Challenges are the ultimate way to connect with fellow Campuseros and work in a team towards one common goal. We are about building the future and finding solutions for large problems. Through challenges and hackathons Campuseros – you! – will work on solutions for complex problems. All challenges and hackathons will be announced online prior to Campus Party so that you can already subscribe to them. Most challenges are taken on in a team and require development, research and business skills. You can subscribe as a team or make out a team of individuals during Campus Party.

All winning teams will be honored and presented on stage and awarded with the prize connected to that challenge.



Want to learn how to program a robot? How to write code? How to market an app? These are some of the skills you can learn in Campus Party workshops. In an open learning environment you can learn from the best in the field.

Do you have a suggestion for a workshop? We would love to hear your input!

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