Matt Stopera

Matt Stopera


​​Matt Stopera is BuzzFeed’s Deputy Editorial Director focused on pop culture and viral content since 2008. Embedded in the viral web and hundreds of millions of page views later, Stopera’s content has become a fixture on the internet. His posts are regularly the most popular on BuzzFeed, including The 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011, 48 Pictures That Perfectly Capture The '90s, and The 25 Hottest Photos Of Ryan Gosling's Beard.

In 2015, he famously documented his unlikely friendship with Brother Orange, leading to media tours in the U.S. and China and a forthcoming BuzzFeed Motion Pictures documentary. In addition, Stopera invented the popular horsemanning internet craze, orchestrated a widely supported protest against People’s Sexiest Man feature in support of Ryan Gosling, and has covered events from the Iowa caucuses to the International Pizza Expo.

Stopera was featured in Adweek’s list of 50 people “who make the machinery of media” and Businessweek featured him in a profile on BuzzFeed and suggested he has “cracked the code.”

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