Matthew Reyes

Matthew Reyes, Technology Strategist NASA

Matthew Reyes is an emerging technology strategist for NASA Ames Research Center. Reyes's current focus is on how NASA's small satellite development and advanced manufacturing initiatives will improve the space program & the US's overall workforce. In this capacity, Reyes has written for Make Magazine; has been interviewed by Wired, Popular Science, and others. He has given lectures all over the world on the rise of the "Do-It-Yourself" space community.

Reyes serves NASA Ames as a subcontractor with Exploration Solutions; a small business he founded in 2007 after 4 years as Director of Technical Operations for the Zero Gravity Corporation. For microgravity flights, he has evaluated or participated with dozens of payloads and has flown hundreds of parabolic flights aboard B727 & KC135 aircraft.

In 2012, Reyes received NASTAR Center certification as a Sub-Orbital Research Scientist with intentions of working in space someday.

Reyes was once a full-time motorcycle mechanic in Florida, but can still fix more than half of the things he breaks as a proud paying member at TechShop in the San Francisco Bay area. He has been involved with NASA Ames since he was accepted into NASA Academy in 2000.

Twitter: @motorbikematt

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