Matthijs Pontier

Matthijs Pontier

co-editor Machine Medical Ethics

Stage: Creativity stage

Matthijs Pontier is a graduate of the VU University of Amsterdam. He studied Artificial Intelligence as well as (Cognitive) Psychology, and obtained his Master’s degree in cognitive science in 2007. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2011, in which he developed Silicon Coppelia, a computational model of emotional intelligence, person perception and affective decision making, to make robots and computer-agents emotionally human-like. Within the SELEMCA project, he developed human-like moral decision making for robots and he co-edited the book Machine Medical Ethics. A documentary Ik ben Alice / Alice cares was made about this project. It received several awards; among them the NWO/KNAW Eureka award for science communication.

In addition to his research, Pontier is a spokesperson for the Pirate Party and has been one of its lead candidates. The Pirate Party focuses on ethical use of technology in society.

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