Roeland Lelieveld

Roeland Lelieveld

Africa Wood

Roeland Lelieveld is passionate about taking concrete, practical actions in developing sustainable environments, so that communities can live in true harmony with nature. After five years of research in Kenya, Lelieveld started building his dream; a healthy agroforestry project in Kenya, together with a local partner. He has discovered innovative sustainable land management practices.

With his partner, Lelieveld has begun creating a food-forest on 320,000 m2 of land, which was severely degraded. Within three years, they planted more than 16,000 trees, fostering jobs and resilience for people.

Biodiversity conservation is an important drive for him. Through the restoration efforts, new habitat has been created.

Lelieveld is currently taking steps to professionalize Africa Wood Grow by:
  • Scaling up the outreach by investing in strategic communications and creating a multimedia-hub on the farm site (ICT for development).
  • Developing a collaborative entrepreneurship program
  • Creating new opportunities for volunteers, researchers and agri-tourists to learn and contribute

Lelieveld wants to continue to rehabilitate and improve natural environments, both in the Netherlands and in the developing world, where it's most needed.

More information:
Websites: Africa Wood,‚Äč

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