One small fold for Lego...

Are you tired of folding your own paper airplanes? Our speaker Arthur Sacek built a Lego machine to help. It's one small step for man. One giant step for mankind. 

Arthur Sacek is scheduled for May 27th at 11 am on the Creativity and Social Impact Stage.


Prototyping Program

Wednesday 25 May

19:30 Opening Campus Party
20:40 Social Impact - Bas van Abel  -  More info

Thursday 26 May

13:00 The society of technologies - Bill Buxton - More info
13:00 Design for a beter world - Floor Nagel and Didi Aaslund
14:00 Guszti Eiben - More info 
15:00 3D Hub - Simona Ferrari More info
15:30 Eibert Draisma - More info
16:00 LEGO - Arthur Sacek More info



Friday 27 May

15:00 Bon Verweij - Neuro surgeon & 3D skull printing More info
18:00 Revolutionizing transportation at the speed of sound - Tim Houter
18:00 A drone in the Home -  Tessie Hartjes - More info
18:30 Drone Monitoring - Camiel Verschoor - More info


Saturday 28 May

16:00 Urban Futures - Mitchel Joachim More info

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