Robotics and Bionics

Robotics and Bionics

We've got them. Speaker, Nadya Peek builds machines that make other machines. Amy Robinson Sterling is working with a team to make mapping the brain a game. Over 200,000 people are now playingEyewire. By doing so, they are helping to advance neuroscience and having fun. And TU Eindhoven is Champion in Robot Soccer 


Robotics and Bionics Program

Wednesday 25 May

19:30 Opening Campus Party

Thursday 26 May

16:00 Guszti Eiben - More info
 Surviving The Machine Intelligence ExplosionNell Watson - More info


Friday 27 May

15:00 Artificial intelligence - Nadya Peek - More info
15:00 A game to map the brain - Amy Sterling - More info
15:30 Bionics - Ylva Poelman - More info
16:00 User of the most advanced Bionic hand - Arie Rommers - More info


Saturday 28 May

13:00 - 17:00 Challenge making your news valuable via chatbots  -  More info


Sensing health

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