Participate at Campus Party – three options

Campusero tickets
24H or 5 days/4 nights

Participate at the challenges and workshops, be inspired by top class speakers
Starting at € 50,-
Startup Demo Tickets
1 day booth + 2 tickets

- 1 day booth at the startup market
- 2 full access day passes
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  € 400,00
Drone Race tickets
Drone Dreams Come True

- Championship Drone Race
   Starting at € 25,00

Visit Campus Party

VIP Tickets
Invitation only

- 1 day full access
- Get VIP access with your invitation

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Visitor Tickets
Visit the Campus Experience

- Come to Campus Party and see demo’s, drones, robots and startups
- Be inspired by topclass speakers 

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  € 15,00
Girls in Tech & Family Day 
Saturday 28 May

Enjoy a day full of workshops, demo’s and tech with the whole family!
  € 15,00
(2 adults and 4 kids)
Press Access

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Programmers/ developers

Campus Party is great for people who like to build things from scratch and improve current systems and code. Participating in challenges and workshops will improve your skill set. You'll meet tech heroes and game-changers who will share their knowledge and challenge your abilities.


Campus Party uis for those with a deep drive to connect, create and grow teams, ideas and products into valuable propositions. The drivers can be very different among entrepreneurs ranging from helping people to making money, to having fun or simply connecting the dots to solve a puzzle. 


Campus Party is for creative people who believe that form and function are as important as technology. Creatives are interested in the way people interact with technology. In their work they aim to make technology beautiful, pleasing, shocking, and human-centered. They design apps and websites, watches and chairs. It might be cliche to say they think outside the box. Let's just say they think of the box, its outside and inside; they think about the people who encounter the box and the people who create the box. 

High Potentials

The brightest students and recent graduates in their field are welcome at Campus Party. They can be economists, biologists, anthropologists, or artists. They love to look over the horizon of their field and learn from experiences and real connections with other people.


Real gamers are always up-to-date with the latest games, game on multiple devices, but have their favorite. And gaming? That is done alone or with friends, both online and at events. It's even done at Campus Party where gamers are welcome.

Geeks/ Technicians

Campus Party is great for those people building robots, fiddling around with drones, and taking things apart. They love gadgets and the latest technology. They know that you have to take something completely apart to figure out what's wrong with it. Sometimes they can even put it back together. They are a curious and focused group.

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