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Build the Future of VR

Campus Party also has a long tradition of endorsement for the use of Free Software, Open Source and Open Standards. Started as a gaming LAN party in 1997, the global theme for the 52nd edition in Holland is "Healthy Urban Living". The VR hackathons in Europe are community driven events, organized by the early virtual reality adaptors, developers and enthusiasts that are organized in regional groups and reached on European scale through The Web3D consortium, that already organized several VR-hackathons in North America, agreed to support the VR hackathons in Europe. The first European VR-hackathon was successfully organized in Brussels, January 15-17 2016, with the theme "Turn your Dreams into Virtual Reality". It produced very surprising and high level results. In the Netherlands, the Dutch Virtual Reality Foundation (VRNL) is coordinating the VR meet-ups in the Netherlands and is bringing together industry, art, science, education and the cultural sector on the application and development of VR. VRNL represents EUVR in NL, renowned for its open and innovative culture. Recently in applied to become the local chapter of the Virtual World Society. “Build the Future of VR” combines the global CP theme with the purpose of a hackathon and reflects the global mission.

Virtual Reality Program

Thursday may 26

13:00 Introduction Avinash Changa: Virtual Reality; Past, Present and Future
13:30 Pitches for VR Hackathon and team formation
14:00 Robin de Lange - Learning through Virtual Reality
15:00 Casper Sonnen – Virtual Reality
20:00 Workshop on Virtual Reality . Introduction to Unreal,Unity and Web VR by: Robin de Lange/Fabien Benetou/Rachel van der Meer

Saturday may 28

18:00 Tom Furness - Hiking the VR Trail
18:30 Final VR Hachkathon by Vinvent Evers

Ordina Demonstreert Hololens tijdens Campus Party





Serious gamification of the rehabilitation exercises for Spastic Cerebral Palsy


Mobile Archviz app, real-life pilot project on mobile. Also showing how to build desktop VR applications for architects.

VR Composers

We'll show our own, first class, content & cardboards with our own design (for sail)

In the Circle

360 degrees photographs from Utrecht in VR and some on real postcards



SportsImproVR creates VR based sports training. This allows athletes to practice their technique, but also agility and mental toughness. 

Virtual Play

Without using your hands, swim through the ocean with different sea creatures, each moving in their own way.


Dana's coaching method is based on the principle of providing people with the right information and tools to train themselves to be the Captain of their lives


Amsterdam Creative industries Network

With 3 Gear VR sets people can look at the movie and Eye tracktion will be monitored, to analyse the data and the outcome will be used to see what is important when making VR movies or applications.




Fly over Iceland and experience Amsterdam Sail 2015 and the Klassieker 2016 in 360º

VRmotion Nederland

We will show the first consumers affordable 360-degree camera, our VR-glasses and 360-degree GoPro mounts. We also want to sell VR-glasses at the event.



We convert building plans to VR, from houses to luxury yachts, we can give you a VR impression of your building plans.



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